Nutritional Problems in India

Nutritional Problems in India and Homeopathic Management

At an approximation, 45% of rural children are born with one or more form of malnutrition. Effects of Nutritional Problems in India is often so severe that the children grow with one or more associated diseases.

The condition of urban population is also not very encouraging. It is estimated that about 38% of urban children are malnutritional. This mainly includes the population who lives in Jhuggi-Jhopadi in the suburbs of cities and the metros.

The effects of Nutritional Problems in India results in early deaths of children. Child deaths below the age of 5 years are phenomenal and if taken into account in the whole of India, then it can almost peg it at around 50%.

It is indeed a pathetic condition and therefore requires the immediate attention of those who are sitting on a chair in policy making and the government organizations.

In view of the above and the given scenario, the question is what can Homeopathy do for the Nutritional Problems in India?

Homeopathy and Nutritional Problems in India

Homeopathy is very good for a constitutional form of treatment. It cures the disease of its root causes rather than curing the symptoms.

Homeopathy tends to reverse the inherent imbalances of the body. It is capable of providing curative care for nutritional disorders and minimizes the effects of Nutritional Problems in India.

Malnutrition is basically of two types.

In One form, there is not enough food to eat and in the other form, there is no dearth of food.

The other form where availability of food is not a constraint, the problem pertains to the assimilation of food in the body.

In both of the above-mentioned cases, the body tissues of the person starve from the nutrients.

Forms and Conditions of Malnutrition

Effects of Malnutrition Illustrated

The body to keep itself healthy should eat and assimilate the food. A balanced diet, rich in nutritional values is always good for the body.

Various nutritional components like Carbohydrate, Protein, Fats, Vitamins, and Minerals are beneficial and necessary for the body to maintain a good lifestyle.

Any form of deficiency to any of these components is likely to lead to the serious effects of Nutritional Problems in India.

The requirement of nutrients varies in different phases and condition of life.

A child who is growing requires care with a different kind of nutrients whereas the requirement of an aged and the infirm is different.

So is the need for the pregnant women, the disease and the people working or thriving in adverse environmental conditions.

Nutritional value required for all these different groups vary on the basis of different factorial requirements. The effects of Nutritional Problems in India may become serious. Therefore there is a need to deal it more complacently.

Deficiency of nutritional components gives rise to different disease of the body. The effects of Nutritional Problems in India can be grievous.

The Homeopathy is able to handle such deficiency diseases.
Homeopathy not only provide the needed cure for the nutritional deficiencies of the body but it also treats the very disease itself by making good on the constitutional imbalances.

Control of Malnutrition

Malnutrition is more pronounced in children than in the adult population. Children below the age of 5 years are more susceptible and suffer from one or another form of malnutrition.

Mothers who are yearning the child and also the pregnant women suffer from the malnutritional disorders.

Malnutrition is responsible for the high rates of death among the mothers and children who die shortly after the birth.

The expecting mother, the new mother and the newly born child, all belongs to the venerable category of malnutrition. Nutritional requirement of this lot is quite different and require careful monitoring and supply of supplements.

To control the effects of Nutritional Problems in India, their causes and different factors associated with malnutrition, the proper strategy should be followed at the governmental levels as well as at the levels of various civic bodies.

For an instance, the strategy to control anemia can be formulated at the policy levels of the government, and the same could be implemented at the various targeted groups such as anemic mothers, young adolescents or a population fighting an epidemic in a given areas.

Supply of Iron supplement, to their quantity, to the requirement of the body will minimize the effects of Nutritional Problems in India.

The assimilation of these supplements can be adjudged, monitored and handled by a homeopathic physician.

Creating awareness among the population of the lingering disease or condition is yet another aspect of minimizing the effects of Nutritional Problems in India on the subjected population.
Social partnership with governmental organs, desired training and provision of adequate medical facilities are some of the other untouched aspects which are needed to be looked into for proper control and minimization of the effects of malnutrition in India.

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Homeopathic Role in Malnutrition

Homeopathic Role in Malnutrition

Imbalances of the nutritional requirement of the body and the effects of Nutritional Problems in India can be very well controlled by Homeopathy.

It is capable of stimulating the body tissues to absorb and assimilate the nutrients in body guts properly and adequately.

In homeopathy constitutional remedy handles constitutional errors and takes care of tissue deficiencies by prescribing bio-chemic medicines.

Some of the Homeopathic remedies are very good in handling the condition of malnutrition. They are equally capable of dealing the effects of Nutritional Problems in India. So of them along with their indicated symptoms are as follows.

Magnesia Carbonica: Undigested vomiting, colic pains, malnourishment, bloated abdomen, foul body smell, ulcerated mouth.

Calcaria Carb: Nutritional problems, Digestive problems, Voracious appetite, Frequent Diarrhoea, Cold feet, Sweat on scalp, head, and face.

Natrum Mur: Lean and thin Child, Craving for water, Feeling thirsty all the time, Intermittent Fever, Dryness of mouth, Craving for Salty food

Abrotanum: Malnutrition, Digestive problem, Problems in food assimilation, Weakness, Chill, Frequent diarrhea, Marked emaciation of lower limbs

Iodium: Extremely hungry, Comfortable in open areas, Anxiety, Depressive, Dark complexion body.


Homeopathic Management on Effects of Nutritional Problems in India has found appraisal both at the governmental as well as at the civic levels for its benefits and efficiencies. Our aim here was to highlight the scope and curative application of the homeopathic system.

Hope this article will help you to understand various effects of Nutritional Problems in India. It will also help to know how to control and manage them using Homeopathy. I will recommend you to seek the help of qualified homeopaths and the health workers if you are planning to deal with effects of malnutrition in India.

Do let me know if you have some tips or suggestions for the article which can help us to understand the topic in a better way. Please drop your suggestions in the comment boxes.

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