Homeopathic Medicine for Chikungunya

Homeopathic Medicine for Chikungunya in Conventional Treatment

Every year since quite some times, India more particularly its Metro Cities like Delhi, Kolkata is struck by the viral disease named Chikungunya. Let us find out Homeopathic Medicine for Chikungunya.

Chikungunya is known as somewhat a rare form of the disease which is caused by Mosquitoes, but unfortunately, strains of this virus have been spreading its tentacles in these cities and affecting a large population.
Death cases due to Chikungunya has been unknown but every year in Delhi or some other metro cities, few cases of death are always reported. This has caused the disease to be dreaded and the people now in Delhi or elsewhere in India are panic stricken.

Aedes Aegyptus mosquitoes are known to cause Chikungunya, who is the carrier of the Alpha virus. Such mosquitoes normally breed in fresh and stagnant water and they usually bite their victim during the day time.
Therefore to control the Chikungunya, one can ensure that stagnant water does not remain stored and laid for long times where Aedes Aegyptus mosquitoes could breed and spread the disease. The infected person symptomatically presents Rashes on their bodies, fever, and joint pains. Homeopathic Medicine for Chikungunya has proven to be a very cost effective treatment for positive cure.

Symptoms of Chikungunya

Generally, on contacting the virus, from a week to two weeks after the incubation, the following symptoms are depicted by the patient. This may ostensibly require its treatment by Homeopathic Medicine for Chikungunya.
  • Significantly high fever 102 to 104 degree Fahrenheit which shoots up or abet suddenly.
  • Rashes on one or more parts of the body like face, limbs or stomach areas.
  • Joint pains which are often severed in nature and making the patient difficulty in the move.
  • A headache or heaviness of head, tiredness of body.
  • The Patient prefers to lie down in dark. He or She is over sensitive to light and may contract eye infections.
  • Restlessness and finds difficulty in sleeping.
  • Overall exhaustion and severe weakness to the body.

Homeopathic Medicine for Chikungunya

Chikungunya Rash Treatment in Homeopathy

From the recent observations, it is found out that many homeopaths have been prescribing Eupatorium Perfoliatum and Rhus Toxicodendron quite often. However based upon careful observations following medicines have proven quite effective to treat the disease. These medicines are prescribed after establishing the patient’s personal and symptomatic conditions.

Rhus Tox:

This proves to be quite effective if the patient has been complaining of severe joint pains and he or she feels better by motion. The person is often restless and changes his positions on the bed.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum:

This is yet another very important Homeopathic Medicine for Chikungunya. When the patient is suffering from the sudden onset of high fever and severe joint pains, this medicine is effective. Usually, the patient may feel nausea and restlessness in his body.


When the patient feels severe stitching pain which gets aggravated by the movement, has high fever and dryness in the mouth and full pulse than this medicine is effective.


When there are dark patches on the skin due to petechial hemorrhage in Chikungunya, the patient may be prescribed Arnica as homeopathic medicine to treat the condition. Other symptoms for Arnica is rashes or bruise on the body, joint pains which are even susceptible to touch. The patient may present symptoms of marked chillness on hands and feet in spite of having a fever. Arnica is said to be very effective in Chikungunya Rash Treatment.


This is very potent and extremely prevalent Homeopathic Medicine for Chikungunya cases. It is frequently used for patients who have marked drowsiness due to high fever, chilliness, and Sleepiness.

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The above medicines are from the series of often used treatments in homeopathy. But it is always advisable to consult a qualified homeopath, who can evaluate the patient properly. In Homeopathy diagnosis is based always on the temperament and symptomatic conditions of the individual.
After a thorough examination, the doctor can prescribe the Homeopathic Medicine for Chikungunya in desired potency and dosage. Remember Chikungunya is a viral infection and adequate precautions must be taken to prevent the spread of the disease by containing the mosquitoes and their breeding.

Reference: Homoeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory by W. Boericke and Wikipedia.

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