Allergy Treatment in Homeopathy

Allergy Treatment in Homeopathy: An Elixir for Seasonal Allergies

Allergy Treatment in Homeopathy for seasonal reactions has become quite popular as they cure without causing any side effects.

It is a matter of intense discussion, whether antidepressant can cure allergies or whether natural allergy treatment methods are more successful?

Homeopathy attempts to treat ailments using very small dilutions, usually in a water or alcohol base. The theory is to provide the body a little dose of something that will mimic the disease and find the body to heal itself.

Most professionals of homeopathy say that they treat patients, not the illness. Therefore there seems to be more emphasis on the cause of the disease than the symptoms in the treatment with homeopathy.

Allergy treatment in homeopathy has become a favorite form of treatment and it is now widely available and recognized. While taking the homeopathic medicines, one must not touch it with some other substances because they contaminate it and hence the medicine lose their efficacy to imitate the disease correctly.

If you are using homeopathic drops they must be placed under the tongue for a specific period of time before they are consumed. It causes the fastest way for the medicine to enter the bloodstream.

Homeopathic medicines must be kept in a cool dark place and never in the direct sunshine. They must also be saved from exposure to electromagnetic fields, intense fragrance, smoke etc.

Diagnosis of Allergic Condition

When your nose suddenly starts running, you start sneezing, your eyes itching or suddenly hives develop on your body, think that possibly you have been subjected to some form of an allergic attack. Allergy treatment in homeopathy is perhaps now your best option to cure the symptoms.

Allergic attacks are mostly seasonal in nature. That means a change of season or environmental condition may cause allergies.

In conventional methods of treatment, it is said that allergies are caused by allergens. But now it is a proven fact that this is just a misconception. Allergies are caused by the weak immune system of the individuals who are unable to cope with the seasonal changes. Allergy treatment in homeopathy has been found to be most effective for such conditions.

If you have a strong immune system, various allergens like dust, pollen or insects may not be able to cause any harm to your body.

What is Allergy?

Allergy is a sudden response of the body system to the external agents. They may also occur as a result of the response to some internal agents like food allergy which occur after consumption of the food.

Allergies are diagnosed on the basis of symptoms which surface on the body parts like a development of skin rashes, inflammation, hives, running nose, sneezing etc. Allergy treatment in homeopathy is best to treat such symptoms.

There are no fixed causes of allergies. Anything or everything on earth may act as an allergen and may cause allergies to individuals.

Allergies often develop when body biological mechanism sense presence of any foreign body or environment either externally or internally. It misunderstands it to be dangerous and therefore responds to protect thyself.

What are the Symptoms of Allergies?

We have already discussed some of the symptoms in the above paragraphs. However, they are summarised as below:-

Development of skin rashes
Sneezing and or running of nose
Burning sensation in eyes, nose, throat or skin
A sudden headache
Sudden feelings of nausea
Stomach cramps and diarrhea
Development of hives on body
Swelling of lips, mouth, throat, eyelids or genital parts
Anaphylactic shock, a serious and dangerous allergic reaction
Sudden fall in the blood pressure
Shortness of breath and craving for fresh air

Allergy Treatment in Homeopathy and Management

In homeopathy, more stress is given to body immune system while treating the allergic conditions. It is widely believed that allergens are just a trigger point to various symptomatic presentations and it is the body immune system which ultimately is responsible for causing allergies.

In homeopathy, the practicing physician looks upon the individual in a totality of his symptoms which he or she experiences and attempts to find the best medicine which imitates these symptoms.

The homeopathic medicines may help to remove the underlying causes of the disease by stimulating the allergic conditions and then totally curing it.

Homoeopathy is capable of managing different symptoms of allergies. It plays an important role in preventing relapse of the condition and thereby improving the general health of the individual.

Homoeopathy treats in totality, therefore a permanent long-lasting cure is achievable, rather than a temporary suppression of the symptoms.

Five most often used homeopathic medicines, by various homeopaths for treatment of Allergies are in brief as follows:-

Kali Bichromicum

Running nose
Heaviness or irritation is throat
presence of thick mucus in nose or throat
Mucous is stringy, yellowish, greenish in color
Relief on pressure in the nasal area or root of nose

Natrum Mur

Cold and Cough with feverish body
Sneezing and watery running nose which develops later on in thick mucous
Whitish thick nasal discharge
Foul smell from nose and mouth
Loss of taste on tongue
Intolerance towards heat or exposure to sunlight


Best remedy for skin allergies
Excessive itching or burning sensation of skin
Dryness of skin
Relief on scratching
Prefers being dirty
Avoids taking bath or cleansing the body
Craving for sweets

Apis Mellifica

Works best for hives and swelling of skin
Intense itching and burning sensation of skin
At times stinging sensations
Feels better on exposure to cold or cold water
Sensitive skin
Patient feels comfortable in open air

Arsenic Album

Best suited for nasal allergies
Loud and frequent sneezing
Watery eyes and burning sensation
Sensitivity to light

Precautionary Measures to Avoid Allergy

Someone has rightly said that precaution is better than cure. Little care saves lots of discomforts which may dwell later on. There are certain Do’s and Don’t to avoid development of allergic conditions in one’s life. They are as below in brief:-

Keep the house and rooms dust free.
Avoid carpets and rugs in the room lying for prolonged periods.
Keep pets out of the living rooms.
Avoid smoking inside the room
Don’t allow wet or damp clothes hanging in the room for a prolonged period.
Use an exhaust fan to circulate fresh air into the room.


Symptomatic allergic reactions are the most common disease which causes disturbances in the routine life of the individuals.

The symptomatic conditions are often acute in nature but they tend to become chronic if allowed to remain untreated for prolonged periods. Use of conventional medicines sometimes aggravate the problems in place of curing them.

Homeopathic Medicines for allergies are the best option to treat allergic conditions. They are good to treat the conditions which occur due to immune system disturbances.

In this article, we have discussed in detail the above subject and tried our best to present different aspects of the disease. We have also taken help of some professionals in Homeo clinics who deal with acute and chronic allergic conditions to understand the disease.

If you have got something more to add to this deliberations, then please drop your advice, comment on the comment box.

We will together make this world beautiful to live and free from any disease by use of cost-effective alternative medicines which are also free from side effects.

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