Leucorrhoea Treatment in Homeopathy

Leucorrhoea Treatment in Homeopathy Through Miasmatic Management

It won’t be wrong, if it is said that every woman, in their some phase of life, suffer from the problems of Leucorrhea. let us find out leucorrhoea treatment in homeopathy.

This phenomenon is more prominent in the women belonging to poverty class, lower, lower middle or even middle-income groups of society.

This clearly shows that prevalence of Leucorrhoea (White Clumpy Discharge in Women) is somehow related to the personal hygiene and lifestyle of individuals.

What is Leucorrhoea (White Clumpy Discharge in Women)?

Leucorrhoea or Leucorrhea or Leukorrhea or White Clumpy Discharge in Women is an abnormal vaginal discharge which may be foul smelling, yellowish or greenish in color, sticky in nature and appear time to time.

One must remember that a clear discharge from the vagina of mucus-like fluid is a normal phenomenon and it occurs due to secretion of glands for moistening the vaginal walls.

However excessive frequent discharge of vagina must be observed for the presence of Leucorrhoea (White Clumpy Discharge in Women) and must be thoroughly pathologically examined for any treatments if required. Once the disease is properly established, we can look for leucorrhoea treatment in homeopathy.

Causes of Leucorrhoea (White Clumpy Discharge in Women)

Vaginal DischargeMost prominent causes of occurrence of Leucorrhoea are infections which are known as Trichomoniasis, Candidiasis, and Bacterial Vaginosis.

The vaginal discharge of Trichomoniasis is generally yellowish in color and with odors.

The Candidiasis discharge may be thick, sticky and causing itching at the places where it comes into contact. A foul smell is yet another symptom of this type of infection.

The Vaginosis is predominantly present discharge with very foul fishy smells and it may be yellow or gray in colors.

Leucorrhea (White Clumpy Discharge in Women) may be also caused due to infections during or after pregnancy due to related infections. Mucous glands during such period cause of excessive secretions.

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs) may also cause Leucorrhea. Some form of bacterial and fungus infections also causes white clumpy discharge in Women.

In extreme and isolated cases of Cervical Cancer may also lead to Leucorrhea in women.

The leucorrhoea treatment in homeopathy is well proven for almost all of the above-mentioned conditions.

Different Types of Leucorrhoea (White Clumpy Discharge in Women)

Vaginal discharge is not always a symptomatic condition of a disease. There are various types of it. In the following paragraphs, we will be deliberating one by one upon different types of Leucorrhea and leucorrhoea treatment in homeopathy.

Physiologic Leucorrhoea

This is perhaps the mildest form of the disease and is often not a cause for the worry to the patient. It is found that in most of the cases this form of Leucorrhoea gets cured of its own by a slight change of lifestyle and maintenance of personal hygienic conditions.

This type of Leucorrhoea occurs during the onset of pregnancy. Unusual secretion of Estrogen hormone is responsible for the onset of this form of Leucorrhoea. Generally, it stabilizes on its own with physiological changes.

Parasitic Leucorrhoea

This type of vaginal discharge is caused due to parasitic protozoans and the symptoms may invariably contain profuse itching in the adjoining areas wherein yellowish, whitish or frothy mucous discharge stick on the surface. Swelling of the vaginal tracts may be also present as a symptomatic condition in this form of Leucorrhea.

Inflammatory Leucorrhoea

As the name suggests, in this form of Leucorrhea (White Clumpy Discharge in Women), inflammation of the vaginal mucosa will be invariably present.

This form of the leucorrhea is said to be the most serious form and its treatment should be always carried forward in consultation with a licensed homeopathic doctor.

The doctor will examine and find out the underlying causes of the disease and then only the leucorrhoea treatment in homeopathy begins.

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Leucorrhoea Treatment in Homeopathy to Treat White Clumpy Discharge in Women

Leucorrhea TreatmentHomeopathy is certainly one of the trusted modes of treating the condition. The leucorrhoea treatment in homeopathy not only cure the underlying causes of the disease but also prevent its alleviation to pelvic infections.

The patient should not stop the medicine soon after vanishing the physiological symptoms of Leucorrhoea but should wait for his treating physician to complete the treatment as per the plan and periods.

Most prevalent and widely used leucorrhoea treatment in homeopathy is deliberated below along with their symptomatic conditions.

1. Borax

  • Chronic Leucorrhea
  • Presence of hot, flashy clear discharge
  • Sensation of warm water flowing through the area
  • Profuse Itching sensation
  • Redness of vaginal tract with swelling
  • Presence of albuminous discharge (Whites like of egg)
  • The weakness of calves. Trembling of limbs may be present.
  • Tongue surface shows cracks
  • Primary Infertility may be present

2. Sepia

  • Presence of excessive bearing down pains
  • Presence of lumps in vaginal discharge
  • Sensation of protrusion of Uterus outside the vagina
  • Pain during coitus
  • Backaches
  • Yellowish or greenish discharge
  • Presence of itching and swelling of mucosa
  • Symptoms worse during evening
  • Feel good on pressure to the symptomatic areas

3. Alumina

  • Often chronic conditions of Leucorrhea
  • Presence of burning pain in vagina and cervix.
  • Vaginal discharge is often clear and transparent
  • Feel good with cold water on washing
  • Symptoms worse during daytime, relaxation during night
  • Digestive troubles may be present

4. Merc Sol

  • Presence of foul smell
  • Abdominal pain
  • Stinging pain on the inside of Vulva and vaginal area
  • Painful menses
  • Low backaches
  • Presence of profuse acrid watery discharge
  • Feel good on cold bath and going to open airy environments
  • Presence of episodes of Anxiety and depression
  • Patient of STDs

5. Graphites

  • Presence of Itching, eruptions or swelling
  • Profuse yellowish or pale thin vaginal discharge
  • Pain during coitus
  • Symptoms worse during morning hours
  • presence of constipation
  • Weakness of back associated with pain in pelvic areas

Prevention of Leucorrhoea (White Clumpy Discharge in Women)

Proper personal hygiene should be always maintained more so during the menstruation cycle. It minimises the risk of occurrence and spread of the disease.

Use of vaginal douches kills the good micro-organism. Vaginal douches if at all is practiced should be done with natural products like warm water with boiled margosa leaves.

In case of abnormal vaginal discharge, always consult a doctor.

Maintain good monogamous sexual relationships maintaining the hygienic aspects.

Always keep the private parts neat, clean and dried with frequent exposure to fresh airs to the areas. One should avoid wearing tight undergarments for longer durations.

Drinking plenty of water is always recommended as a preventive method which stimulates the cure.


Leucorrhoea (White Clumpy Discharge in Women) is a very common and most prevalent disease amongst the women in India. There is a well established and tried leucorrhoea treatment in homeopathy.

It relates more to the lifestyle and personal cleanness habits of the individual.

If you follow the preventive methods religiously, in all probability you are likely to get rid of this disease, if you are caught with it.

I have tried my best to deliberate at length the topic of ‘Leucorrhoea (White Clumpy Discharge in Women)’ in my best way. I have sought the advice of some of the experienced professionals dealing at the Homeo clinics.

Hope this article will help you to understand various issues of Leucorrhoea and will help to overcome the problems. I will recommend you to seek the help of the health workers if you are suffering from some of the serious problems of this disease.

This article is purely for informative and educational purposes. So as a thumb rule, always consult a homeopath if you are suffering from the serious conditions of Leucorrhea.

Self Medication is dangerous hence you should always avoid it.

After going through this article, please Do let me know if you have some tips or suggestions about this article, which can help us to understand the topic in a better way. Please drop your suggestions in the comment box.

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