Buttock Pain

Homeopathy for Sciatica: Check Symptoms and Signs of Buttock Pain

Sciatica and Buttock Pain is a symptomatic painful condition which radiates up to the legs. Homeopathy for Sciatica is a proven remedy.

The temporary annoyance of the Buttock Pain may be caused due to bruising, piriformis, muscle strains or bursitis.

The severe form of Buttock Pain may be due to the long-term consequences such as arthritis, herniated disc, Sciatica or different forms of degenerative disk diseases. Remedies through homeopathy for sciatica has proven quite effective.

Buttock pain ostensibly may relate to numbness, sharp shooting pain around the big hip or pelvic region, pain may radiate below to the lower back, thigh muscles, down on leg calves or knee joints.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is the pain of sciatic nerve that radiates from lower back region to the sideways or back sides of the legs. The pain can be a mild, sharp or severe pain. There may be a tingling sensation or weakness feelings in the legs. Homeopathy for Sciatica is an effective way of treatment.

What is Buttock Pain?

Every one of us at some point in time in our life suffers from one or another form of buttock pain and eventually, we do not give much importance to it because it is not a serious condition.

But symptomatically severe forms of buttock pains always start from the simpler ones which slowly and steadily grow into bigger problems.

The Buttock is composed of fat and gluteal muscle. There are several reasons which may inflict these areas to cause hurt and pain. Homeopathy for Sciatica and back pain is an effective way of treatment.

Preliminary Symptoms

The buttock pain may present certain symptomatic behaviors which may be in the mild form of serious nature. Some of them are enumerated below for the convenience of our readers.

  • Numbness in buttock areas
  • Sharp or Shooting Pain
  • Feeling of Trembles or losing control
  • Prominent Pains in getting up, walking or any movement
  • Weakness
  • Losing Controls on bowel or bladder movements

What are the Causes of Buttock Pain and Sciatica?

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact causes of the Buttock Pain which mostly and predominantly are found to be related to the Sciatica. Effective treatment through homeopathy for sciatica is very popular as it is cost effective and quite helpful.

However, for the understanding of my readers, I am enumerating here ten main causes which may result in buttock pain in an individual.

1. Muscle Strain

As described above, the buttock is composed of fats and gluteus. The gluteus is of three types: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. Any infliction due to whatsoever reason may cause swelling to these muscles area and thereby buttock pains.

The common causes of buttock muscle strain may be due to excessive exercise, undue stretching of the region, sudden or forceful jerks that cause strain.

2. Bruising

This is the most common causative factor of Buttock pains.

The bruising may be often in black or blue colors resulted due to damaged blood vessels pooling under the skin.

Bruises may be caused due to the injury of any form and any reason such as falling at the buttock or any form of sudden impacts.

3. Bursitis

Bursitis is caused due to inflammation of the bursae that acts as a cushion to the bones of buttock areas. The Bursae is a fluid-filled sac.

Symptoms of Bursitis which causes buttock pain may include the following:-

  • Swelling of buttock areas
  • Redness or discoloration
  • Sensation of Pain on sitting or movement
  • Pain that radiates down the back of thigh region

4. Sciatica


In a stricter medical sense, Sciatica is not called a disease but a symptom.

The sensation of pain which may be of mild to most severe form may radiate through the sciatic nerves in the lower back regions of buttocks to down below the legs in the back area of calves.

Sciatica is caused due to pressure on sciatic nerves. This pressure may be the result of herniated disk or narrowing of the parts of the spine.

Symptoms of Sciatica is more prominent in the older age and may start right in any person older than 40 years of age.

In a crude estimation, It is said that almost half of the population experience pain of some form of sciatica in their life cycle.

Homeopathy for Sciatica and back pain is quite effective in treating the condition.

5. Herniated Disk

A Disk is a small pad of cushion filled with jelly-like materials and lies as a separator to the bones.

A Disk becomes herniated if the outer layers rip-off letting the inner material to ooze out.

The herniated disk may press the nearby sciatic nerves and cause numbness or sharp shooting pains in the buttock areas. This is called Sciatica pain. Homeopathy for sciatica is quite a proven remedy. Use of sciatica pillow or sciatica cushion provides relief to the pain.

The buttock pain may be of different nature such as numbness of the buttock areas, tingling sensation or weakness of the region.

6. Coccydynia

The buttock pain may include pain caused due to the coccyx and coccygeal bones. The affected person may complain pains of the base of the spine in the buttock areas just above the anus. This pain may be milder to most severe forms. Sciatica pillow and sciatica cushion help to lessen the pain.

7. Iliolumbar Ligament Pain

The Iliolumbar Ligament holds the lumbar spine to the Ilium and lies at the dimples of the lower back. Due to an injury, hurt, jerk or sudden impacts the Iliolumbar Ligament gets swollen and may cause pain in the buttock areas. Iliolumbar Ligament Pains are usually of throbbing nature. This usually leads to Sciatica due to pressures on sciatic nerves. Homeopathy for sciatica is an effective treatment mode for such conditions.

8. Degenerative Disk Disease

Due to prolonged usage and wear-tear reasons, with growing age, the disk gets shrunk and its cushioning effect diminishes. The separated bones, therefore, rub with each other and cause buttock pain.

Usually, pain caused due to degenerative disk may be more pronounced and felt severe when you get up after a prolonged sitting or lift something heavier. Such pains get alleviated while walking. Use of sciatica pillow and sciatica cushion may help to reduce the pain. On treatment, fronts use of homeopathy for sciatica or back pains is quite effective.

9. Arthritis

Arthritis may be one of the predominant cause of the buttock pain. The Osteoarthritis is a wear and tear effect on the body joints of back areas.

The pain caused due to arthritis in the buttock area is usually related to the pelvic bones and joints of the spine.

10. Sacroiliac Joint Pain

The Sacroiliac Joint is the joint between the triangular sacral bone which lies at the base of the spine and the Iliac or Pelvic bone.

The pain caused to Sacroiliac Joint may be due to too much or too little movement of the joints.

It may be also caused due to Sacroiliac joint dysfunction or some form of Arthritis.

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What is Piriformis Syndrome?



Piriformis Syndrome

The Piriformis Syndrome is characterized by the piriformis muscle which is located deep in the buttock behind the gluteus maximus and runs down from the lower back to the top of the thigh.

The Sciatic never accompany the Piriformis muscles.

The Piriformis Syndrome may be caused due to following reasons.

Swelling of Piriformis muscles due to injury or hurt.

Muscular Spasm of Piriformis.

Bleeding in the areas of Piriformis muscles causing infections.

More often the Piriformis Syndrome relates to the sciatic pain of the nerves and is a highly misdiagnosed disease. The patient is advised to look for treatment through homeopathy for sciatica or piriformis syndromes. Use of sciatica pillow and sciatica cushion may alleviate the pain and bring some relief to the patient.

What are the Types of Pains in the Butt?

The Buttock Pain may be characterized broadly mainly by three types of pains.

1. Lower Buttock Pain

This type of pain may be experienced at the upper portion of the back of the thigh. Usually, you may feel troubles while walking. Strain or injury to the Hamstring tendon may be another cause of the lower buttock pain.

2. Outer/Upper Buttock Pain

This type of pain is not only predominant while walking but during sleeping postures also the pain may be pronounced. Usually, this type of pain can resonate down to the sidewise areas of your legs.

Certain forms of Yogic exercises that heal and strengthen the abductor’s muscle may do wonders to alleviate the pain.

3. Central Buttock Pain

The seat of this type of pain is the central area of the back of the buttocks which runs down to the mid areas of the legs.

The lumbar vertebrae and piriformis muscles may be affected by the central buttock pain. The cause may include the herniated disks, degeneration of vertebrae and bone spurs.

Symptoms and Signs of Buttock Pain

A symptomatic condition related to the buttock pain may be varied in nature and belong to different types.

The Symptoms and Signs of Buttock Pain may be evaluated in terms of their intensity, location, duration, the degree of aggravation and modes of relieving factors.

The degenerative Disc disease and Sciatica, factors and constitute almost most of the prominent symptomatic behaviors of the buttock pain. They ultimately lead to one or more of these forms. Therefore various symptoms and signs of the buttock pain should be carefully examined for the presence of degenerative Disc disease and Sciatica.

Various Treatment Options

Depending upon the condition, nature, type, and symptoms of the buttock pain, different treatment methods are applied. Your doctor may recommend one or more of the following methods.

  • Physio Therapy to strengthen the muscle.
  • Treatment of the injured parts to relieve swelling or infections.
  • Homeopathy for Sciatica treatment
  • Procedure to clean, drain the abscess.
  • Surgery to repair the damaged parts.
  • Prescribing rest, gentle exercise or exposure to ultraviolet rays or heat treatment may be also prescribed.
  • Use of Sciatica pillow and sciatica cushion for pain relief.

How Can Homeopathy Help You?

Homeopathy for Sciatica and back pain is a very effective mode of the treatment. It also treats Osteoarthritis and various other diseases of the bones. It not only alleviate the causative syndromes of the pain but also helps the patient to heal and repair the sciatic nerves from the damage.

To treat the severe forms of buttock pain, experienced homeopaths should be consulted who can diagnose the actual cause of the pain and then only attempt to treat the condition. Symptomatic treatment based upon only observations without physiological evaluations may not bring the desired result.

Homeopathy for Sciatica and Buttock Pain Treatment

Various homeopathic medicines have proven an effect on the treatment of buttock pain and various condition of Sciatica. Below is the list of five such medicines along with their symptomatic behaviors that are often used by the homeopaths depending upon the evaluation of various factors.

1. Rhus Tox- Most often used Homeopathic Medicine

  • Good for Left sided pain or Sciatica
  • Patient highly anxious and sensitive
  • Sharp stinging pain in legs
  • Pain worsens after passing stool
  • Restlessness
  • Pain of Coccyx region
  • Feel better after exposure to heat, from continuous motion
  • Feel worse in cold, wet or damp weather
  • Pain gets aggravated after long rest
  • Pain often worsens after midnight
  • Numbness of butt area of legs

2. Mag Phos

  • Cramps of calves of thigh or calves region
  • Twitching of muscles of leg
  • Sudden severe pain
  • Sharp cutting pain from the hips to down below the back of legs.
  • Sciatica of right side
  • Pain comes and goes often in a form of waves
  • Restlessness
  • Pain worsens on cold air, touch or during night time
  • Patient cries often due to severity of pain

3. Colocynth

  • Feels better on resting the parts of pain
  • Sciatic Pain gets worse under pressure
  • Sciatic nerve related pains
  • Left Side affliction
  • Pain often leads to numbness of parts
  • Sharp and violent pains accompanied by fits of anger
  • Pain may be of crampy nature caused to hips and thigh areas

4. Belladonna

  • Sudden sharp and violent pains
  • Pains of sciatic nerves afflicting right side
  • Feels better on bending backward or resting
  • The affected areas turn reddish or red
  • Restlessness
  • Feeling of cracks or broken bones of the affected areas
  • Pain worsens on exposure to heat, touch or pressure

5. Gnaphalium

  • Sharp pain that often leads to numbness of the afflicted areas
  • Intense pain caused by sciatic nerves
  • Pain worsens during the morning hours and exposure to cold
  • Feels better in sitting posture
  • Pain more pronounced while lying down


Buttock Pain and Signs of Sciatica is a very common and most prevalent disease amongst the men and women in India and around the world.

Treatment through Homeopathy for Sciatica and back pain is a tested and tried option for an effective remedy. Sciatica pillow and sciatica cushion are often used accessories for relieving the pain.

It relates more to the lifestyle and hereditary characteristics of the individuals.

If you follow the preventive methods religiously, in all probability you are likely to have better control of the disease, and pain will be to a large extent alleviated.

I have tried my best to deliberate at length the topic of ‘Buttock Pain and Sciatica’ and its treatment through Homeopathy for Sciatica, in my best way. I have sought the advice of some of the experienced professionals dealing at the Homeo clinics.

Hope this article will help you to understand various issues of Buttock Pain and Signs of Sciatica and will help you to overcome the pain and the problems. I will recommend you to seek the help of the health workers if you are suffering from some of the serious problems of this disease.

This article is purely for informative and educational purposes. So as a thumb rule, always consult a homeopath if you are suffering from the serious conditions of Buttock Pain and Sciatica.

Self-Medication is dangerous hence you should always avoid it.

After going through this article, please Do let me know if you have some tips or suggestions about this article, which can help us to understand the topic in a better way. Please drop your suggestions in the comment box.

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