stretch marks on calves

Stretch Marks on Calves: How to Treat in Homeopathy?

In medical terms, the stretch marks are known as Striae. Stretch marks on calves are caused by hormonal changes.

Most stretch marks on calves occur in teens, after weight gains, replacement therapy or after pregnancy in women.

The occurrence of Stretch marks on various parts is more prominent in women.

The subcutaneous fat in women has less of a cohesive cellular structure. Its thinner top layer of skin is prone to make a superficial skin which gets damaged very easily.

Formation of stretch marks on calves

The stretch marks on calves are formed normally due to weight gains. They look reddish, purple, white lines or like streaks on the back side of the lower leg.

To know the formation of stretch marks we must know the morphology of skin. The skin is composed of three main layers.

  • The Epidermis which is the outer layer
  • The Dermis which is the middle layer
  • And the Hypodermis which is the innermost layer

Any contraction or expansion of connective tissues between the legs causes to form stretch marks on calves.

The contraction or expansion causes the collagen to become tender and weak which tear down the elastin fibers leading subsequently formation of stretch marks on calves.

Causes of stretch marks on calves

As the name suggests stretch marks are the stretching of the skin. stretching leaves scars which is initially in reddish or purple in color and which later on turns into silver or creamy color.

There are various factors which can be attributed as a cause responsible for the formation of stretch marks on calves.

The hormonal balances are the primary reasons. Effects on the collagen, elasticity or the skin tone can also be the subsequent factors responsible to cause stretch marks on calves and other parts of the body or leg.

People with dry skin or having the fairer skin texture are more prone to have the stretch marks on calves than the people of soft and darker skin.

Stretch marks are embarrassing and are seen as an obstacle to beauty.

The homeopathy has a well-established remedy to treat the various conditions of the stretch marks on the body. It is capable to treat the stretch marks on calves very efficiently.

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Homeopathic Remedy for Stretch Marks on Calves

Stretch marks on calves are one of the difficult scars to treat. There appears to be no easy solution to treat the condition.


One of the easy solutions is through the plastic surgery. However, in homeopathy, there are various remedies which very effectively treat the condition. Some of the homeopathic remedies for treating the stretch marks on calves are discussed below:-


Use of the Thiosinaminum ointment has been found to remove or treat the scars.

Thiosinaminum ointment has lanolin ointment base which also helps to dissolve the scarred tissues of the skin.

The Thiosinaminum ointment in glycerin base is also very effective to remove the scars.

Thiosinaminum ointment has been used as a remedy for acne scars for many years. Its use to treat stretch marks on calves has been also found to very effective.

Thiosinaminum should be also taken orally in consultation of a homeopath to heal the stretch marks on calves rapidly.


In homeopathic treatment, Silica is yet another well-known remedy widely used to dissolve the skin scars and lighten it.

Silica ointment is prepared locally by the practicing homeopaths to treat the stretch marks on calves.

Take Silica 3X 20 drops and mix it in 1 oz. of glycerin. Add water as per requirement to make a coherent solution. Use this ointment to treat the stretch marks on calves or any other body parts. It can be also used to treat the acne scars.

Stretch Marks Gel

Nowadays various companies are preparing stretch marks gels as a cosmetic preparation. They can be also used in consultation of a homeopath.


Homeopathic remedies for stretch marks on calves has been effectively used for treating the condition. Practicing homeopaths widely use them for scar treatments.

In this article, I have tried my best to deliberate at length on the given topic in my best way. I have sought the opinion of some of the experienced professionals dealing with ‘stretch marks on calves’ at the Homeo clinics.

Hope this article will help you to understand various issues of stretch marks and will help you to overcome the problems.

I will recommend you to always consult a health professional if you are suffering from the stretch marks on calves or any parts of the body for their effective treatment.

Homeopathic remedies for stretch marks are certainly one of the best options to try as a treatment.

They do not cause any side effects on treatment, therefore they are safe and not a threat to the beauty of individuals.

This article is purely for informative and educational purposes only.

I caution against any Self-Medication. It is highly improper and at times dangerous, hence you should always avoid it.

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