Homeopathic Medicines for Acidity

Homeopathic Medicines for Acidity and Heartburn Symptoms

Acidity and Heartburn symptoms are the digestive problems caused by an imbalance of acid-secreting mechanism of the stomach and intestinal lines. The Homeopathic Medicines for Acidity and Heartburn are the best way to treat such conditions without any side effects.

What are Acidity and Heartburn?

In literal medical terms, Acidity is known as Dyspesia. It is a gastric symptom typically related with excessive secretions of acid in the digestive canal. Excessive presence of acidity generally leads to Heartburn in the stomach.

The Heartburn is characterized by burning sensation in the chest area which may ostensively sometimes extend to the upper stomach.

Homeopathic Medicines for Acidity and Heartburn is very popular to treat acidity and heartburn conditions.

Causes of Acidity and Heartburn

Lifestyle, dietary habits, lack of exercise and emotional or stress-related factors are responsible for acidity and heartburns.

We can enumerate some of the different causes where Homeopathic Medicines for Acidity and Heartburn have proven very effective. They are as follows:-

1. Usage of tobacco products.
2. Smoking and drinking excessive alcohol
3. Intake of fast foods on regular basis.
4. Excessive use of oil and spicy food products.
5. Consumption of chocolates and cakes etc more often.
6. Excessive dependence on non-vegetarian foods.
7. Often excessive eating or drinking
8. Drinking water along with consumption of heavy food
9. Emotive causes and presence of anxiety or stress syndromes
10. Presence of Ulcer or any Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease.

Symptoms of Acidity

How do you recognize that an individual is suffering from acidity or heartburn? What are the most viable symptoms?

The symptoms of acidity and heartburn include burning sensation in the chest area more particularly behind the sternum areas.

The patient may feel bitter acrid burping and water brash in the stomach.

Presence of flatulence, bloated stomach, heaviness in intestinal areas and sometimes the presence of periodic acute stomach ache signify Acidity.

Why use Homeopathic Medicines for Acidity?

The beauty of the homeopathy is almost minimal or nil side effects on individuals. It is perhaps the safest mode to deal with any acidity or heartburn related symptomatic conditions. It offers complete cure from the disease.

The Homeopathic Medicines for Acidity and Heartburn is very effective in treating both acute and chronic cases. However, it is seen that most people suffering from chronic conditions of acidity or heartburn finally opt for homeopathy as a last resort and they often get cured of it.

Treatment by Homeopathic Medicines for Acidity and Heartburn

There are a number of homeopathic medicines which treat Acidity and Heartburn. Selection of homeopathic medicines depends upon the constitution of the individual. An experienced homeopath takes into account various facts into the consideration, studies the case history of the patient, and depending upon the abnormalcy in the patient, decides upon the medicines to be prescribed for him or her.

Some of the most commonly used Homeopathic Medicines for Acidity are given below:-

1. Carbo Veg

Patient suffers from distention of abdomen
Heartburn symptoms predominantly present
Nausea in the morning hours
Patient feels like lying on bed and avoid works
Bloated stomach
Belching and heaviness in stomach
Patient feels relief in open air or airy environment

2. Nux Vomica

Generally good enough for all types of digestive troubles.
Short tempered or tense personality
Accustomed to alcohol or non-vegetarian foods
Bulky body contour
Loves coffee, oil, and spicy foods
Digestive troubles worse in the morning

3. Ipecac

Presence of Nausea predominantly
Heartburn symptoms
Excessive salivation
Feels very little thirst

4. Pulsatilla

Burning sensation at a particular spot in the stomach
Presence of flatulence
Finds comforts in the company of people
Feels miserable and more problematic when left alone
Emotional personality
Feels good in the loosen items of clothing
Finds comforts in open air
Craving for ice-cream, cakes, and pastry
Presence of Eructations
Usually feel pain in stomach after an hour of eating

5. Arsenicum Album

Burning pain of stomach
Presence of Acid Reflux
Sensation of Choked throat
Loosened stool or diarrhea
Feel better with hot drinks
Anxious or Fearful personality

Management of Acidity and Heartburn

Along with following the Homeopathic Medicines for Acidity and heartburn following steps must be followed to control acidity.

  • Avoid late hour sleeps
  • Early to bed and early to rise should be practiced as lifestyle
  • Avoid going to bed immediately after taking dinner
  • Ensure Avoiding usage of alcohol, smoking or usage of tobacco
  • Avoid taking painkiller medicines
  • Make a habit to drink water only after an hour of taking food
  • Routine daily exercises are highly recommended
  • Brisk Walking in fresh air is recommended


Acidity and heartburns are most common diseases yet the very problematic ones which hinder upon the routine life of an individual.

The symptomatic condition of acidity becomes chronic in few patient and use of conventional medicine aggravate the problems in place of curing them.

Homeopathic Medicines for Acidity are the best option to treat such conditions.

In this article, we have dwelled in detail on the above subject and tried our best to present different aspects of it. We have also taken help of some professional in Homeo clinics who deal with such conditions.

If you have got something add to the above deliberations, then please drop your advice, comment into the comment box.

We will together make this world beautiful to live and free from any disease.

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