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Homeopathic Remedies for Insomnia: Top 6 Medicines for Sleep Disorders

Insomnia relates with not getting enough sleep even after repetitively trying for it. In such condition obviously, there is a need of homeopathic remedies for insomnia.

Sleep Disorder means disturbance in the sleep pattern. Sleep disorder is a wider term, whereas Insomnia is just a part of it.

In medical terms, Sleep is a natural process of relaxing and rejuvenating your body. It endeavors to heal our body system from any abnormality and imbalances.

Sleep not only helps our body physically but equally the mental conditions also. Physiologically, Sleep in a way is more helpful for the mental condition of our body.

Sleep acts as a natural therapy to ward off different types of stress which may be physical as well as mental.

If you don’t get enough sleep in spite of your best attempts and trials then you are a victim of sleep disorder and probably you are suffering from the symptomatic conditions of Insomnia. In this case, you require homeopathic remedies for insomnia.

Factors behind Insomnia or Sleep Disorders

Insomnia in medical terms is a disease. There are different causes for its occurrence. This may be caused by internal or external factors. Broadly Sleep disorders or Insomnia is said to be caused due to Medical, Psychological or Chemical factors. However, some of them are enumerated below:-

  • The result of a disease or physical affliction.
  • Physical pain caused by external injury or effect of a disease.
  • External factors such as noise, pollution, excessive light, excessively hot or cold environment etc.
  • Stress levels
  • Instantaneous sorrow or happiness.
  • Elements of Fear
  • Loneliness
  • Effect of excessive alcohol or drugs
  • Hormonal changes in the body
  • Intake of certain kinds of food

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Often Used Homeopathic Remedies for Insomnia or Sleep Disorders

Remember, disturbance in your sleep pattern is a symptomatic condition which may be caused due to the certain underlying factors. Some of them have been discussed already as above. If these factors are redressed, automatically the problems of the sleep will be also addressed.

In conventional therapy often mood stabilizers or anxiety related drugs are prescribed to soothe the nerves. They are often intoxicating and prone to side effects. But homeopathic remedies for insomnia looks at the root cause and tries to treat it.

Homeopathy for Insomnia

Homeopathic remedies for insomnia or sleep disorders are safest and probably more viable as they attempt to cure the underlying cause then to cure the symptoms itself.

To treat the condition of Sleep disorders, Insomnia or Hypersomnia you should approach a licensed homeopath who will evaluate your symptomatic condition and examine the case history. Under the supervision of such professional and advice, homeopathic medicines should be taken.

Generally, professionals prescribe one or more of the following homeopathic remedies for insomnia and sleep disorder treatment.

Nux Vomica

  • For Mental Stress of Pressure
  • Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol or sleeping pills
  • Irritability
  • Sleepness in the early morning hours and feeling sleepy afterward
  • Drowsiness after meals but does not get sleep
  • Snoring symptoms

Coffea Cruda

  • Insomnia of excessive drinks of Coffee, Tea etc
  • Effect of sudden Joy, Pleasure or Sorrow
  • Caused due to effect of Intoxications from Alcohol or drugs
  • Effect of constant journey
  • Excessive mental activity
  • Effect of Pregnancy


  • Usual awakeness up to 3-4 AM afterward gets sleep
  • Daydreamers
  • Often feels drowsy during the day
  • Wakes at night feeling hungry
  • Talkative dreams- Person laughs, cries or talks in sleep

Ambra Grisea

  • Over conscious, overanxious even during dreams
  • Find difficulty in sleeping in new environment or new place
  • Sorrow, grief or worry
  • Irritation with light, music or noise
  • Nymphomania in women


  • Feeling Sleepy but unable to sleep
  • Teeth grinding during sleep
  • Often awakes by a jerk in sleep and then does not get it
  • Restlessness
  • Dreams of ghost or fear
  • Redness of eyes, face or pulsating headaches


  • Feeling of Dullness or drowsiness
  • Trembling gait or parts of body
  • Nervous Irritation
  • Half sleep conditions

There are much more homeopathic remedies for insomnia which the doctor prescribes after examining the person for his mood swings and physical condition. There is a condition of acute Insomnia and chronic Insomnia. A trained homeopath prescribes medicines after examining all the factors of a patient.


Homeopathic remedies for insomnia has been found to be effective for the treatment and thus they are widely used by the homeopaths.

Some say that sleep disorders or insomnia are a lifestyle-related malady.

If you follow a healthy lifestyle, lead a stress-free life and remain cheerful, you are less likely to suffer from the conditions.

I have tried my best to deliberate at length the topic of Sleep disorder and ‘homeopathic remedies for insomnia’ in my best way. I have sought the advice of some of the experienced professionals dealing such conditions at the Homeo clinics.

Hope this article will help you to understand various issues of Sleep disorder and will help you to overcome the problems. I will recommend you to seek the help of the health professionals if you are suffering from some of the serious problems of this disease.

Homeopathic remedies for insomnia is certainly one of the best options to try as a treatment.

This article is purely for informative and educational purposes. So as a thumb rule, always consult a homeopath if you are suffering from the serious conditions of Insomnia and Sleep disorders.

Self-Medication is dangerous hence you should always avoid it.

After going through this article, please Do let me know if you have some tips or suggestions about this article, which can help us to understand the topic in a better way. Please drop your suggestions in the comment box.

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