Starving Kids

How to Prevent Malnutrition in Starving Kids

Management of Malnutrition in Starving Kids

If an individual does not get sufficient amount of food for their need, he or she is said to be suffering from Hunger. If they do not get sufficient amount of nutrition as per the requirement of their body, they are said to Malnutritioned and fall into the category of Starving Kids.


Malnutritioned Starving Kids belongs to the category who are under nourished. It also includes Children who are over nourished. In malnutrition, several different types of disorders may develop, depending upon the deficiency or excess of the nutrients in the body.
Here we are primarily concerned with the children who by their percentage of total population of human being are suffering from the symptoms of the Malnutrition.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), malnutrition is the single gravest cause of global public health. Condition of Children in developing and underdeveloped countries are worse. Malnutrition in Children also causes Anaemia, Measles, Pneumonia, and Diarrhea.
Malnutrition in Children

Factors Responsible for Malnutrition in Children & Hunger

If one critically examines the various factors which are responsible for this maladies, we find that there is no single cause, but a multitude of factors responsible for such malaise. Some of the main factors are elaborated herewith.


Undoubtfully, this is one of the major single cause responsible for inducing Malnutrition in the Starving Kids. If parents are not resourceful enough to meet even the basic needs of their family, the children who are most venerable are likely to suffer from malnutrition.

Food Shortage

At several instances, when there is flooding, drought or any epidemic or calamity in the area, just because of the shortage of grains, Malnutrition in Children increases along with the elder population in the area.


Alcoholism in itself is a disease, which causes its victim to be inflicted by more than one further diseases. Malnutrition in Children is one of them. A person who is alcoholic by nature is likely to pay little attention to their families and because of the social and economic reasons, children in such families are likely to fall victim of Malnutrition.

Non-Availability of nutritional diet

Children need healthy food with sufficient amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Only full meal grains available in the family may not be sufficient to meet the requirements of the children. They require nutritional foods such as milk, Fish. Egg and Fruits etc. Deficiency of these substances in daily diet may lead to serious problems of Nutrition for the child and as a result malnutrition symptoms are visible in such population.

Lack of Breast Milk

For the neonatal child and babies, mother milk is very very essential for their first six months. Lack of breast milk in mothers may compound the severity of malnutrition in children. The problem becomes of severe magnitude when the lactating mother itself shows the symptoms of malnutrition and anemia.

Prevention and Cure of Malnutrition  in Starving Kids

No doubt the symptoms are severe and the causes are multitudinous, yet every society and the government has to find a solution to deal with such problems.

Above mentioned factors should be dealt at the appropriate levels to find an answer to  Malnutrition in Children. Proper social and health practices should be implemented. It should be done to cope up with the issues and factors causing malnutrition and hunger in children. A Child is a father of the nation. No nation can overlook their great resources of future. There fore not only the law formulation and implementation machinery should wake up to the need, but also a social movement should be initiated to awaken the public at large.
At the health care level, Ready-to-use-Therapeutic-Food (RUTF) should be facilitated to cope up for an immediate solution as a target.

Availability of skimmed milk, vitamins, and minerals which could be consumed directly by the children should be made available. Such steps fight causes of malnutrition and help ultimately in the prevention of Malnutrition in Starving Kids.

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