Child Care Challenges

Challenges of Child Care in India

Challenges of Child Care in India among the Lower Paid Workers in India

To be very precise, there is hardly any program for the Child Care in India for the lowly paid workers like Riksha Puller, Mochi, Street Vendors, Sanitary Workers, restaurant workers, domestic servants, casual workers and even for the kids of Class ‘D’ employees. Some times Child Care faces challenges from the abusive social and home environments which in fact causes kids from such groups to develop unsocial behavior and lead them to early abusive characters. Various counseling centers established by government is hardly of any use because it renders social stigma and people prefer to avoid it.

Child Care in India


Financial conditions of this category of people and their work schedules also cause difficulties to the parents to devote quality time for the upbringing of their children and proper Child Care for them. Lack of proper education is also one of the many causes that forbid useful programs on Child Care in India. There is a growing tendency among the casual labors to employ their children right from the age of 10 years or little more in various domestic help jobs across Metro cities. They do it solely for the purpose of earning little more money.

Curative Action of Government:

Over the past few years, as a policy measure of Child Care in India, various state governments have been focusing on their developmental works by providing free education to the children of these groups by enrolling them through state sponsored campaigns in Municipal Schools and provide them nursing care, free books, and meals. Though this gesture has proven to be of immense help for the people, it further requires proper management of the various schemes. Implementation level problems are urgently needed to be sorted out. Corruption in government institutions has been one of the major road blocks in gaining the desired positive results of these schemes.

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