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Homeopathy was propounded by Samuel Hahnemann way back in 1796 and since then it has grown into widely accepted system of alternative medicine. It is based on the doctrine of ‘simillia similibus curentur’ in Latin which means the ‘like cures like’.

Homeopathy is natural, gentle, effective and without any side effects. It stimulates the individual’s own ability to heal naturally by using appropriate medicines. These medicines are chosen by the qualified homeopaths by studying the symptomatic behaviors of patients.

Homeopathy is known to be very effective in the treatment of Chronic Disease.

Homeopathy is used for so many health conditions. Most common symptoms may include one or more of the following.

Hay Fever
Allergic Conditions
Skin infections
Bone related problems
Asthmatic conditions
Mental Health
Bowel Syndromes
Digestive Problems
Liver Problems

Homeopathic medicines are distilled and prepared from source substances known as mother tinctures. They are generally derived from vegetable, mineral and animal substance. Repeated attempts of dilution and succussion determine potency of the medicine. Different potencies are the prescribed to the patient on the basis of physical condition and severity of disease.

Homeopathy treats on the bases of ‘Law of Similars’.

Homeopathy is widely practiced in European countries as a none conventional mode of therapy. The European Committee For Homeopathy(ECH) prescribes guidelines and practice manuals.

The Homeopathic Medicine Research Group, established by Directorate Commission X11 E of the European Union Commission in 1997, published a report of its findings on homeopathic research and concluded that homeopathic treatment cannot be explained by calling them mere placebo effect and more qualitative research is required in the field to access the efficacy.

In India, Homeopathy has assumed a much more wider role and today it is practiced towards the length and breadth of the country. The ministry of AYUSH is responsible for dealing and maintaining various road maps for this system of medicine. There are so many research establishments in India who carry out research works in the field of Homeopathy. This branch of medicine is finding more and more acceptance in public more particularly in treatment of children and ladies related maladies.