Homeopathic Medication is a trusted venture of Explore My India. ‘ExploreMyIndia’ is dedicated to the cause of propagating the strength and positivity of India and to thwart off the misgivings about this country. India has a strong historical, cultural, customary and progressive past which propounded the philosophy of “वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् इति उक्तिं वयं सर्वे श्रुतवन्तः स्युः । एषा उक्तिः पञ्चतन्त्रे विद्यते । तां कथां श्रावयामि” meaning “Only narrow-minded people discriminate, saying that this one is my relative and the other one a stranger; For the Wise, Magnanimous People, the Entire World’s but One Big Family.: Maha Upanishad 6.72”. India has been widely misled about its history, its culture. its heritage and strength by the various interested groups in order to rule it. Under the banner of ‘Explore My India’, we are propagating and making the masses aware of our strength and the positivity for which India stands for. We are enduring various facets of India and in this context disseminate about the efficacy and cost effective treatment through the alternative system of medicine in India. ‘Homeopathic Medication’ in India has been practiced for many years as an alternative system of medicine and it is our endeavor to bring the best practices of this medicine in our country.

Homeopathy came to India as early as 1810 when a French traveler, Dr. John Martin Honigberger who learned Homoeopathy from Dr. Samuel Hahnemann visited India and treated patients with Homoeopathy. In his second visit in the year 1839, he treated the then ruler of Punjab, Maharaja Ranjit Singh with Dulcamara. Maharaja was so happy with results and he encouraged him to continue the Homoeopathic treatment in India. Homeopathy continued to spread and Indians found in its philosophy and principles, a reflection of their belief and culture. The ancient Hindu physicians had, in fact, recognized the “Law of Similars” as one of the principles of treatment. In the Bhagwat Purana, written hundred of years ago in the Bhagwat Purana – a Sanskrit couplet says “Vishaya Vishmoshashi” to which Homoeopathy took root and flourished. Surgeon Samuel Brooking, a retired Medical Officer had the courage and conviction to establish a Homeopathic Hospital at Tanjore, in South India, in 1847. There have been a number of other well-known enthusiasts like Dr. Cooper and Dr. J. Ruther ford Russel, two Government Medical Officers, Mr. H. Ryper, a military pensioner, Captain May and others of Calcutta, made Homoeopathy popular among the masses of Bengal. Last but not the least, was the services rendered by Dr. C. J. Tonnere, M.D. the French Homoeopath, proved “Acalpha Indica” in the year 1851 was first Health Officer of the town of Calcutta and later he established Homoeopathic Hospital. In 1861, a virulent epidemic of malarial fever was raging over lower Bengal and it was at this juncture that the great philanthropist, Late Babu Rajendra Lall Dutta, a layman, truly laid the foundation of Homoeopathy and started its practice with astounding results. He converted the redoubtable allopath and his opponent, Dr. Mahendra Lall Sircar, M.D. D.L., C.I. E. to Homoeopathy. Dr. P.C. Majumdar, M.D. another Homoeopath of Calcutta started his practice in 1864 and laid the foundation of Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College in 1885. Homeopathy today is one of the most revered streams of treatment for various chronic diseases in India and is more favored for the treatment of children and ladies due it’s minimal or no side effect and low cost.

Doctor’s Profile:
Dr. Swati Pandey, born in a traditional and orthodox joint family, was blessed with an opportunity to move around, experience and mingle with people of different social strata, in various parts of India since her childhood due to her father’s transferable job. She finished her schooling from various Kendriya Vidyalayas and excelled in medical discipline. After graduating in Homeopathy, presently she is pursuing her M.D course from an Indian University.

Dr. Swati Pandey is a licensed Homoeopath, who works with patients extensively. She is an ardent listener and has an avid interest in psychology. Because of her very nature, she is very popular among her friends and medical fraternity. She is dedicated to helping people to heal and evolve to their full potential.


Dr. Swati Pandey’s clinical approach is founded on a deep commitment to the highest standard of healing through classical homeopathy. This deep-acting form of homeopathy promotes healing of both physical and psychological conditions by addressing the underlying causes at the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. She applies this principle in her practice to understand the big-picture, with its determinants of health. Honed through years of formal and continuing education and years of experience, to each patient’s unique pattern of illness, she is able to put homeopathy to its best use. Homeopathy is far more than an adjunct or substitute for conventional medicine. It is, in fact, a powerful tool for spiritual development, and as such, it can help overcome many illnesses that cannot be addressed by conventional means because they reflect an underlying imbalance at the spiritual and psychological level. So, explore this site, contact us for questions or advice and promote this blog to reach to the wider masses in serving them. A brief profile of the owner and operator of the site is appended below:

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I am 52 years old, retired from Government Services of India and presently working as a consultant in an MNC. I am experienced in the various facets of life by my service, education, and works. The zeal of learning had prompted me to acquire multi disciplinary education in my career. Having initially graduated from Botany, Zoology, and Anthropology, with time, acquired degrees in Electronics & Telecommunication engineering, a degree in Law, Master degrees in Public Administration, Computer Science, Diplomas in Human Resource Management, Advance Management and Certifications in Oracle & Networking etc. Education has helped me to understand basic concepts of these disciplines in right perspective. Now I feel this is the time for me to share my understanding with my friends, masses and fellow citizens of this great earth. In view of this background, I have prompted upon writing blogs on varied topics and subjects. In no way, I claim it to be the best one in the field, authentic and without any errors. It is sheer an attempt to spread knowledge & information understood or collected by me from various sources with my cognition on the given topics. Please go through our blogs and articles and annotate freely your views, comments, and advice.